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Every Cheat Code (& Console Command) in Valheim

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Valheim consists of cheats and console instructions gamers can use to beat obstacles or make the sport much more difficult. Here is each recognized code.

A lot of Valheim is about exploration and build up the sources to create stronger gear, defenses, and ships. Since its launch to early entry just a few weeks in the past, the Viking-themed PvE survival recreation has amassed over a million distinctive gamers and delighted audiences with its stunning depth and complicated mechanics. Although Valheim has a quick tutorial, it tends to be pretty hands-off about its suggestions and hints. Typically, that may frustrate new gamers or these nonetheless struggling to outlive the assorted, procedurally-generated biomes of Valheim. Gamers seeking to move a very difficult space or acquire a bonus towards an elusive boss may choose inputting cheats to assist them progress with out as a lot opposition.

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Whereas many of the cheats are for single-player video games to assist gamers cope with the typically harsh environmental struggles, there are additionally just a few console instructions gamers who host servers can implement to make sure the sport stays enjoyable and truthful for everybody. It isn’t at the moment clear how dishonest will have an effect on saved video games, so gamers will wish to watch out and ensure they’ve a backup save of their recreation simply in case. Proper now, Iron Gate Studios has not included achievements in Valheim, and it is not clear how dishonest will have an effect on achievements ought to they be added later. With that stated, listed below are all of the accessible cheat and console codes for Valheim and how you can enter them.

Easy methods to Enter Cheat Codes in Valheim

Valheim Blast Furnace

Inputting cheats in Valheim is pretty easy; gamers might want to pull up the console by urgent F5. They are going to then want to make use of the code imacheater and press Enter to allow dishonest. Gamers ought to see a message that reads Cheats: True to substantiate they could start inputting codes.

When they’re prepared to shut the console, they merely must press F5. In the event that they want to flip off cheats, they might want to press F5 once more, enter the imacheater code a second time, and press Enter.

Each Cheat and Console Command in Valheim

Valheim Portals

This listing comprises all of the cheats recognized to work in Valheim. Extra could also be added later as the sport receives updates throughout Early Entry.

Cheats (Single-player)

  • beard: Removes beard
  • dpsdebug: Toggles DPS overlay
  • env [env]: Units debug setting
  • occasion [name]: Begins the desired occasion
  • exploremap: Reveals the total map
  • ffsmooth 0: Resets clean free digital camera actions to regular
  • ffsmooth 1: Smooths the actions of free digital camera
  • freefly: Allows free digital camera mode
  • god: Allows god mode
  • goto [x, z]: Teleports the participant character to a vacation spot
  • hair: Removes hair
  • killall: Kills all close by enemies
  • listkeys: Lists world keys
  • location: Units present location as a spawn location

A player uses the Abyssal Harpoon in Valheim

  • gamers [nr]: Units problem scaling primarily based on participant depend. Coming into 0 resets problem to default.
  • pos: Prints present participant’s place
  • raiseskill [skill] [amount]: Raises a participant character’s ability by a specified quantity
  • randomevent: Begins a random occasion
  • removedrops: Removes close by merchandise drops
  • resetcharacter: Resets the participant character’s ability and stock
  • resetenv: Resets debug setting
  • resetkeys [name]: Resets a specified key
  • resetmap: Resets all explored areas
  • resetskill [skill]: Resets a specified ability to degree 0
  • resetwind: Resets wind angle and depth to default
  • save: Forces the sport to save lots of the present world state
  • setkey [name]: Units a specified world key
  • stopevent: Stops a present occasion
  • tame: Tames all tameable creatures close to the participant character’s location
  • tod -1 OR tod [0-1]: Units the time of day
  • wind [angle] [intensity]: Units wind angle and depth

A player finds a Sea Serpent in Valheim

Console Instructions (Server Admins)

  • ban [name/ip/userID]: Bans the named person from the server
  • banned: Reveals a full listing of banned customers
  • assist: Reveals all accessible server instructions
  • information: Prints the present system info.
  • kick [name/ip/userID]: Kicks the named person off the server
  • lodbias [number]: Units the draw distance for the server. The quantity could be set from 1 to five.
  • ping: Pings the server to measure latency.
  • unban [ip/userID]: Unbans the named person

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Valheim is in Steam Early Entry and is on the market for PC.

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