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How to run a Jenkins WAR file

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Run a Jenkins struggle file

The simplest method to set up Jenkins and run the favored CI/CD instruments is to easily obtain the jenkins.struggle and run the Jenkins struggle file on the command line.

Java command to run a Jenkins struggle file.

Whether or not your run Jenkins in Home windows or a Linux distro like Ubuntu or Purple Hat, the Java command used to run the Jenkins struggle file is all the time the identical:

java -jar jenkins.struggle

After the jenkins.struggle file runs, the executive console can be obtainable on port 8080.


Jenkins localhost 8080 not working

It’s value noting that to ensure that this command to succeed, you will need to have the JDK put in. Java model 8 is the oldest launch Jenkins CI will assist. The most recent LTS launch, Java 11, is really helpful.


Should you do have an issue the place Jenkins on localhost 8080 will not be working, confirm that the JDK is put in and the Java utilities within the JDK’s bin listing are on the PATH. This may be completed with the java -version command.

C:jenkinswarfile> java -version
openjdk model "11.0.9" 2020-10-20
OpenJDK Runtime Setting AdoptOpenJDK (construct 11.0.9+11)
OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM AdoptOpenJDK (construct 11.0.9+11, blended mode)
C:jenkinswarfile> java -jar jenkins.struggle
Beginning jenkins struggle file
Jenkins WAR file webroot: $consumer.residence/.jenkins
Jenkins WAR file working on localhost 8080

Jenkins WAR file set up

The primary run of the Jenkins struggle file will create a folder named .jenkins beneath the consumer’s residence listing, and a configuration routine will run. On subsequent startups, you may be taken instantly to the Jenkins login web page.

To simplify future begin ups, create a file named jenkins-startup.bat should you’re on Home windows, or jenkins-startup.sh on Linux, and simply sort the command used to run a Jenkins jar file within the file. From then on, you merely run the batch file or shell script to begin Jenkins, and also you don’t have to retype the Java command into the DOS immediate or the Linux terminal window.

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