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Missing movie theater popcorn? Here’s how to make it at home

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Previous to the coronavirus pandemic, I went to the flicks so much, typically alone, and I might see just about something, as a result of the golden-salty greatness that’s movie show popcorn makes seeing nearly something worthwhile. I might order the big measurement (solely a greenback extra — they’re virtually paying you to get it!), eat till my mouth damage, then put the remainder in a plastic bag to take residence. Sure, I introduced a plastic bag to the theater expressly for this objective.

Over the course of a dozen pre-COVID-19 Dinner at a Film critiques, it was my complete pleasure to be taught extra concerning the nuances of film popcorn from Seattle Occasions movie (and guide, and popcorn) critic Moira Macdonald. I miss the flicks and I miss Moira — however I can nonetheless see each of them, if solely on a house display screen. I’ve most likely missed film popcorn an inordinate quantity during the last 17 years, I imply, 10 months.

However sufficient about me — it’s a particular irritant of articles reminiscent of this, promising The Finest-Ever Pandemic-Occasions Life Hack, {that a} prolonged first-person preamble often should be endured. Let’s additionally truncate the components that specify the genesis of the concept (pathological jealousy of pals’ new in-home theater-grade popcorn maker, unwillingness to buy one), the science of popcorn (hey, there’s water in there!), and all of the permutations/hardships of the event of the recipe (so many various sorts of oil! So many batches!! I have been so thirsty recently!!!).

Actually, all credit score right here is because of the miracle of recent(ish) meals science, particularly the proprietary course of that brings us all Flavacol. This violently orange powder — it’s the precise colour of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese mud — is made from salt, synthetic taste, two shades of FD&C Yellow and magic. It is available in a charmingly vintage-design quart-sized milk carton (until you wish to order, say, a 45-pound pail) from Gold Medal Merchandise Co., out of Cincinnati (slogan: “Snacks, Smiles & Success!”).

Heather Gims, senior communication specialist there, says Flavacol’s been round because the Nineteen Sixties (therefore the packaging aesthetic). The corporate assures that almost all the main film chains use it, moreover claiming that extra popcorn is popped with Flavacol than every other seasoning salt worldwide — that’s, the complete identified popcorn-popping universe. Flavacol is as unhealthy for you as common salt however worse, because it would not even include iodine, common salt’s redeeming dietary characteristic; it’s, nevertheless, vegan and gluten-free (as salt tends to be), in addition to kosher and halal licensed. Gims, laughing a bit, politely declined to provide any particulars about Flavacol’s proprietary course of and synthetic taste. Nonetheless, she was very good, and Gold Medal is third-generation family-owned, so there’s that.

The popping medium here’s a soybean oil concoction that, like Flavacol, is beneficial by the producer of my pals’ fancy new popcorn machine, and it’s higher than the quite a few oils I examined that have been artificial-butter-flavor-free. Film-theater-style popcorn is science. Science additionally provides us vaccines. Thanks, science.

Gold Medal additionally sells correct popcorn poppers (92% made within the USA!), together with home-use ones, which begin at $494 and take up a good quantity of area. Gold Medal’s Gims thought it was humorous that I had provide you with a stovetop popcorn methodology utilizing Flavacol, however my movie critic good friend Moira known as it one thing else: genius. All I do know is that if this helps make anybody else’s COVID-19 pandemic slightly extra bearable, that makes me very glad.


A word on procuring provides: Gold Medal Merchandise Co. does promote Flavacol direct-to-popcorn-consumer, however their scale of operation is distributor-oriented, so chances are you’ll discover it cheaper on Amazon, the place you may additionally discover At The Films Popcorn Butter Flavored Popcorn Topping. A word on salt-level: The tactic right here approximates common movie show popcorn, perhaps a tiny bit on the yellower/saltier aspect; be happy, clearly, to regulate the quantity of Flavacol to style (although in the event you enhance it, chances are you’ll wish to seek the advice of a doctor). And on corn: Jolly Time has the perfect title and now additionally provides natural/non-GMO kernels. — Bethany Jean Clement


1 teaspoon Flavacol

3 tablespoons At The Films Popcorn Butter Flavored Popcorn Topping

1/3 cup popcorn kernels

Non-compulsory: Extra A.T.M.P.B.F.P.T., warmed (in the event you like “butter” in your film popcorn), or melted butter (in the event you like precise butter)


1. Measure the Flavacol and the lengthily named Popcorn Topping right into a heavier-bottomed, 3-quart or bigger pot that has a lid. Stir them collectively totally to make an alarmingly artificial-orange-colored slurry.

2. Add the popcorn and place over medium-high warmth. Because the pan heats up and scorching begins, shake and whirl it sometimes to coat kernels in flavor-country glory and unfold them in a single layer. Look ahead to the primary pop, really feel the joy, then slam on the lid.

3. Shake your pan forwards and backwards gently, nonetheless on warmth, whereas popping occurs, then take away from warmth instantly simply because it stops — often lower than a minute.

4. Pour it into a big bowl immediately and toss along with your keen arms to combine, drizzling on non-compulsory “butter” or butter as you would like.

5. Eat as quickly as potential in a darkened room in entrance of an excellent (or good-bad) film (perhaps “Contagion”?). You should definitely have a beverage, for that is the superbly yellow, very salty popcorn you keep in mind from earlier than the worldwide pandemic when going to the flicks was nonetheless a factor (perhaps make that beverage wine?).

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