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Everything you need to know about the ClassTag app:

In this Covid 19 pandemic situation it is completely impossible to bring millions of families together. But with the help of ClassTag or Class Tag app it was made possible. Here, parents and teachers can have smooth and seamless communication. This is a popular massaging tool that brings hopes and comes in with endless possibilities. This is a one stop platform for videos, announcements, messages, calendar, library, actionable engagement stats, or parent-teacher conferences, etc.

Over 25,000 schools have established connections with over 5 million families through this app. If you have no idea how to activate the ultimate remote learning hub, i.e. ClassTag then hurry up! go through this complete article and get a complete guideline about getting access to this app.

Activate and join the Class at ClassTag:

If you want to join the class then you have to activate your ClassTag account which is a three-step process. Here below we have described the whole process which is have to follow thoroughly.

  • First you have to visit the official ClassTag activation page –
  • Then you will need to provide the code that your teacher gave you.
  • After that you have to tap on the “Continue” button.
  • In the next step, you have to provide either your Email or Phone.
  • Then tap on the “Continue” button and move ahead with the next step.


classtag activate


  • Then you have to provide your Profile information.
  • After providing all pertinent information you have to tap “Continue” to complete the process.
  • You can cancel the process anytime by tapping on the cancel button.

How to Receive the ClassTag activation code:

In case a parent is looking for a code to join their child’s class or a teacher wants to help parents of students to find the code then a teacher must need a ClassTag activation code. After joining to the class, the parents of student’s information must be added to the Class Directory. Then only the ClassTag team can send a link via an SMS or email to them. Then they will just have to click on the link and get the code.

They can also visit the official link, i.e., if they don’t click on the link they have given. There they will have to sign up and follow the instructions given. Then finally they will have to navigate to to complete the steps.

For every student the activation code is unique so it is very important to find the right code. For this, there are two ways which are described below.

Through Computer (For Class Teachers):

  • First you have to navigate to your class “Directory”.
  • Then tap on the people icon on the right-hand side of “Class Directory”.
  • There you will get two options Add a student” or “Correct to a Google Classroom”.
  • From them you have to select “Add a student”! option.
  • Then you have to provide the details like First Name and Last Name etc.
  • After that tap on the option that says “Download and Print Parent Invitations”.
  • Then you have to click the box before the parent’s name.
  • Select your language there.
  • Finally, tap on Print Button.
  • A new window will appear then.
  • You will get a PDF file containing the code.


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Through Phone (For Class Teacher):

  • First, on the lower part of your smartphone you have to tap on the “Directory” icon.
  • Then tap on the people icon next to “Class Directory” option.
  • You have to choose “Add a student” option there.
  • Then click on Download and Print Parent Invitations”.
  • After that you have to click the box before the parent’s name.
  • Now select the language from the drop-down menu.
  • Tap on “Print” option.
  • You will get a PDF file containing the code.

Reasons to trust ClassTag by Millions of Parents and teachers:

ClassTag is a remote learning tool is gaining phenomenal popularity and success over the years. Here we have described the reasons for which it has gained so much popularity.

  • You can get access to this app on any device: Whether your device is smart or not-so-smart, it works on any device – laptop, desktop, Android, or iOS.
  • This app provides much more privacy and security to your informations: You can completely feel safe if you are sharing a lot of information here in this app. This app use iKeepSafe which is completely private and secure.
  • You can get numerous benefits from this free application: Parents and teachers can unlock numerous free supplies through ClassTag rewards in this free platform. Their supporting partners provide these rewards.

Customer Service:

For further help regarding ClassTag you can visit their help page

There you can search for your query and will get a article on it. If not found then you can type your question in the chat option available there and they will surely help you with the solution.


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